Seat canvas and cushions

Hedona, the perfect combination of technicality, comfort and style.

The result of a long research study into seating comfort and new products for indoor/outdoor use, the technical «3 layer» Hedona cushion offers unsurpassed comfort, while enabling the design of products with refined lines and a de nite modern look. The decorative part, made from EDEN, combines the technical qualities of Batyline® with comfort, the feel of the fabric and style in an original way. Hedona is easy to maintain, does not retain water, is breathable, dries quickly and is not affected by the sun. It is easy to keep clean with a little soapy water.

  • Batyline® fabric allows the creation of products which are particularly suited for use around the poolside, thanks to good resistance to UV exposure, an anti-fungal treatment and open weave which does not retain water.
  • Batyline® fabrics have great resistance to tearing, they keep their shape and are easy to maintain.
  • They are also environmentally-friendly as they have an eco-design and are 100% recyclable.

Frames and tabletops

shock resistance, ease of maintenance and refinement

Frame made from galvanised HEL (High Elastic Limit) steel.

HEL steel is characterised by its excellent functional properties and high level of mechanical resistance. This steel is therefore durable against fatigue and resistant to knocks. All of the products in this range use galvanised steel (except EVOLUTION and VOGUE) which offers enhanced anti-corrosion properties.

Paint – far more than a simple colour…

The original look of our finishes makes it a material in its own right, with a deep richness and re ned surface. Our steel frames are painted with 100% polyester powder-coated lacquers. They are notable for their excellent resistance to UV rays.
More than 15 years ago the paint facility converted to powders – cleaner for employees and customers, and offering more durability for products.

HPL tabletops

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is a compact laminate material comprising different resin layers. Its properties offer numerous advantages for our tables: resistance to scratching and knocks, chemicals, bad weather, heat (up to 180°C) and UV rays (colourfastness).
It is a durable, hygienic product that is easy to maintain. A little soapy water is all that is needed to clean stains; scouring creams and furniture cleaners or polishes are to be avoided.