Since luxury today is all about the quest for wellbeing everywhere, the Cocoon collection has been created for you.
With its modern streamlined aesthetic, the lounge chair combines a tubular steel frame with rounded shapes and an elegant Hedona cover.
The pleasant rocking effect of the frame gives an instant feeling of weightlessness, perfect for relaxing.
Go on, relax… in this irresistible comfort !
Additionally, and so you can really enjoy those moments with friends and family, the lounge chair has a matching low table with generous proportions.
The tabletop is inspired by the gentle rounded curves of pebbles, and its volcanic motif echoes the natural look of the stone, taking you back to nature.
Settle down in your Cocoon pieces with friends or family and enjoy relaxation at its best !

Sphinx lounge chair

This majestic chair is inspired by our legendary POP UP.

Cocoon lounge chair

In and outdoor cantilevered chair

Cocoon footrest

In and outdoor rocking footrest

Cocoon low table

In and outdoor low table